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These items are priced at a 50-75% markdown. If you are interested, please email or call our team of lab product suppliers today.

Lab Product Supplier


Product # Mfg Product Description
2510 Accuduster 1 Case of 10-Ounce Gas Duster
XXX   6 Boxes of 28 x 46-Inch Plastic Disposable Poly Aprons
56617-801   2 Cases of Broken Glass from a 12 x 12 x 27-Inch Floor
16354-858   1 Case of Benchtop Model Burn Boxes
XXX Buffont 6 Packs of Extra Large 24-Inch Buffont Caps
2321-0050 Autoclavable Autoclavable Rectangular Carboy Nalgene with Spigot
4899 Sakura 2 Packs of Activated Carbon Cartridges
4087 Sakura 3 Cases of Blue Cassettes
4118-01 Sakura 1 Case of Lilac Cassettes
4170 Sakura 1 Case of White Cassettes
4174 Sakura 7 Cases of Green Cassettes
C-1000-G Richard Allen 5 1,000-Count Cases of Tissue-Loc Histoscreen Cassettes
3251P Stockwell 1 Case of 50mL Centrifuge Tubes
2000 Decal 1 Case of Formical-2000 Bone Decalcifier
8302   3 Packs of 65mm Polystyrene Funnels
4412/514 PSS/McKesson 5 Packs of 4 x4-Inch Gauze sponges
EV-2050-XS MicroFlex 1 Case of Extra Small Evolution Latex Gloves
10020 4002 Kimberly Clark 5 Cases of Disposable, knit Wrist, Snap Front Lab Coats in Small, Large, and Extra Large
XXX PSS/McKesson 8 Rolls of Exam Paper for Exam Table
13711-7 Fisher 1 500-Count Pack of 7.7mL Transfer Pipettes
282 Samco 2 500-Count Packs of 1.5mL Non-Sterile Graduated Transfer Pipettes
VWR 16001-190 204 Samco 4 Packs of 15cm Transfer Pipettes with 8mL Capacity & 4.6mL Bulb Draw
7281 Matrix 12 Cases of Extra Large Pipette Tips
8093 Matrix 4 Cases of 25 mlx Sterle Individually Wrapped Reagent Reservoirs
42940/UN1019   2 Packs of 15 x 150-Inch sorbent
XXX PSS/McKesson 2 Packs of Blue Surgeon Caps
A21079/28296-624 Porex Bio Products/VWR 5 Packs of White Tube Tops/Closures of 16mm Culture Tubes
21910-105   2 Packs of 9 x 9-Inch Cheesecloth Wipers
  Webril 6 Packs of 4 x 4-Inch Webril Cotton Wipes
34256 KimWipes 2 Cases of EX-L 15 x 17-Inch KimWipes delicate task wipers

Please email or call us with any questions, we’re eager to talk with you about better service and discount pricing.

Judith 303-619-3143
Tia (303) 619-3497
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Judith 303-619-3143
Tia (303) 619-3497
Eden (720) 422-7209