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Products For COVID-19

The Fight Against COVID-19


Sterile Collection Swabs, individually wrapped

FDA Medical Device Registration # CM-CM-FS913 (naso), CM-FS915-15,
CM-FS916, CM-NS915 (oral)
• Nasal Collection Swabs, sterile, UNS001
• Buccal Oral Collection Swabs, sterile, UOS002

$1,380/1000, $1.38 ea
$6,450/5,000, $1.29 ea
$62,000/50,000, $1.24 ea
$235,000/250,000, $0.94 ea

COVID-19 Test

Viral Transport Media

• Sterile, Dnase, Rnase Free, bulk, avail in 1L or 10L
   VTL001-1 $620/1000ml
   VTL001-2 $5,692/10x1000ml
• Viromax™ Viral Transport Media, HBSS+FBS+Antibiotic, 2ml in 10ml tube
   VTM10        $753.60/144
   VTM10-1     $7149.20/1,440
   VTM10-2     $67,912.40/14,400


Viral Transport Media

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures
• Silica Magnetic Beads or Silica Membrane Technology
• Individual Tubes or 96-Prep Isolation
• Sold as a kit for 100/500/5x96 isolations
• Viromag™ Viral RNA Extraction Kits (Magnetic Bead)
   Tube UL1000-1/100 isolations       $333
   UL1000-10/1000 isolations           $3160
   Plate 96 UL1001-1/100 isolations $333
   UL1001-10/1000 isolations           $3160

• ViroSimple™ Viral RNA Extraction Kits, (Silica Membrane)
Tube UL1002-1/1x96 isolations        $333
UL1002-10/10x96 isolations            $3160
Plate 96 UL1003-1/1x96 isolations  $333
UL1003-10/10x96 isolations            $3160


Viral Transport Media and Viral Isolation Kits are manufactured in the US by Luminous BioSciences. Save money and purchase at discount prices with Mass Supply Corporation, a WOSB.

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